My Farm

1.  Barn

2.  Silo

3.  Planting
4.  Harvesting
5.  Achievements
6.  Mail Box / Daily Dirt
7.  Roadside Shop
8.  Tom
9.  Mine
10. Truck Delivery
11. Boats
12. How do trees and bushes work

1. Barn 

The barn is full! Get more space by upgrading your barn. Tap on your barn, then tap on "Increase Storage". You will need to accumulate (bolts, planks, and duct tape). Each time you is in increments of 25, when you reach storage space of 1000 it increases by 50.

2. Silo 
The Silo is full! Get more space by upgrading your Silo. Tap on your Silo, then tap on "Increase Storage". You will need to accumulate (nails, Screws, and wood panels).  Each time you is in increments of 25.

3. Planting
Just tap the field and a list of seeds that you have in stock will pop up. Place your finger on the item you want (wheat, soy, corn, etc.) and drag along the field the amount you want to plant.

4. Harvesting
When you plant a whole field and then harvest all at one time, you generally will collect a building material or an axe or saw.

5. Home / Achievements
Tap on your home to open the achievements menu, which gives you a complete list of how you are progressing. When you see the red, blue, and green ribbon on your home it means that you have reached one of the goals

6. Mail Box
Touch the Mailbox. It will  open the classifieds "Daily Dirt"

Hay Day Classifieds


Occasionally some people will find a movie ticket beside their mailbox. The movie ticket is a feature that only random group of players can have at one time. The tickets may appear & disappear from the farms at any time. 

7. Roadside Shop
Crops, animal products, items produced in production buildlings, and buildling, land clearing and land expansion supplies can all be sold in the road side shop.

If an item is unadvertised, friends can visit your roadside shop to purchase items from you. Advertising an item puts it in the newspaper where it is visible to any player.

Advertise in the Daily Dirt
You can advertise in the Daily Dirt (Classifieds) for free every 30 minutes. Otherwise it will cost you a diamond if you desire to advertise. Your neighbors will frequent your Roadside Shop so I have never needed to pay for advertisement.

If you haven't used the free advertisement in the last 30 minutes, the first item you place in your Roadside Shop will appear in the classifieds. The advertisement appears as a small newspaper like the one attached to the apple.

Once the item is purchased that has the free advertisement attached...the item no longer appears in the classifieds. 

So if you place the first item advertised in a box that is hidden (when you have many boxes you have to scroll to see them all). Then place as many items quickly into your shop. This will give you more time to be in the classified.

The more friends/neighbors you have the more boxes you accumulate.


Players can arrange to trade using the roadside shop. Typically, such exchanges are arranged through forums. Once a trade has been negotiated, etiquette usually calls for the player who initiated the trade to put his item up for sale first. Many players communicate within the game by "wheating". The initiating player should first put 1 wheat crop up for sale for 1 coin, unadvertised, in the slot farthest to the right in his shop. The other player will purchase this crop to tell the trader "I'm here". Then, the trader can put up his item for trade. After this exchange, the other player will follow this same process to give the first player his item in exchange. 

Follow or Unfollow a Farm
You can only follow 5 farms at any given time. 

The Blue Outlined photos are the farms that you are following.

At the top of the screen is a gold ribbon and a smiley face. Click on the gold ribbon to follow or to unfollow a farm.

Follow or Unfollow roadside shop

When you try to add a sixth farm, you will get this error. Remember, you can only follow 5 farms at a time.

Cannot follow farm! All slots in use
Follow or Unfollow roadside shop

8. TOM

Tom is your farm helper, unlocked at level 14.  

Every two hours for the first 3 days, he will find any item (except: land deeds, mallets, stakes and fishing lures) For example, you could ask him to find shovel. A moment later, he will come back with three options for fair prices. You may purchase one of them, and then Tom Goes to sleep for two hours once he has retrieved your item. 

If you are not satisfied with the three options he finds, you may choose to accept none of them. He will then rest for 2 minutes before offering to search again.  Max item Tom can get is 9. If he brings lesser, select none of these. He goes back to sleep for 2 min,comes back to help again. You can do this as often as u like.
After the initial 3 days of working for free, Tom's services are available to be purchased with diamonds. He charges 15 diamonds for a day, 60 diamonds for 5 days or 100 diamonds for 10 days.

Tom's Balloon
Keep an eye on Tom's balloon...because when he releases it you can pop it and win something.

9. Mine

You can repair the mine at level 24 and it will cost $26,000 to repair

1st smelter - $12,000
2nd smelter - $22,000
3rd smelter - $31,500
4th Smelter - $41,000
5th Smelter - $50,500

You need these to extract the ore from the mine:

TNT Barrel

How much does each produce:
Dynamite - 2 Ore
TNT Barrel - 3 Ore
Shovel - 4 Ore

Length of time in smelter to produce a bar:
Silver bar = 8 hrs
Gold Bar = 12 hrs
Platinum = 16 hrs

1st  Star - 390 hrs
2nd Star - 1540 hrs
3rd Star - 6180 hrs

* By shoveling and using dynamite to get ore you will find an occasional diamond

10. Truck Delivery 

Below are a few examples of orders. The green check marks are items you have either in your Silo or Barn.

1. The first order  is complete and ready to be delivered once you tap on the truck.

2. The second is not complete, so you must either purchase the items in a neighbors Roadside Shop or make the items yourselves.

At anytime and for any reason you can trash the orders (you might not be able to fill the order or the price is just to low). If you do trash an order you must wait a specified amount of time before a new order appears on the board. Just tap the stop watch and a time to the right will be ticking down.

 My truck has just returned with $$$

11. Boats
You can repair the boat dock at Level 19 for 16,000 coins. Once it is repaired, boats will begin to stop at the dock, and you and other players are able to fill orders.

Boats remain at the dock for 16 hours. Once a boat order is completed, a player can choose to send the shipment out. If the dock is clicked on when no boat is present, the time remaining until the next boat comes will be displayed, as well as what the next shipment will require.

Completed boat orders are awarded a specified amount of experience points and a voucher. Vouchers are totally random and difficult boats don't always have better vouchers.

If a boat has arrived and it is difficult to fill you can send the boat away empty. However you need to do this before you fill a single crate or ask for help on any crate. Once you have filled a crate or asked for help you have to either fill the boat or wait for the time to run out. If you send the boat away empty you will have to wait 4 hours before another will arrive

To send a boat away empty tap on the boat icon of the cargo list. It will ask you to confirm sending. Just confirm and away she goes.

Sending a boat empty is really something worth considering when you have a boat needing sugar or dairy products. Not many neighbors are willing to help out with sugar as the quantities are often high and most can't keep up with production for their own needs. Instead of having the boat sit on the dock the full time choose an easier boat.
If you are trying to get the Captain III achievement you cannot send boats empty because you need to load consecutive boats.

Boat orders will call for three or four crates each which require three to four items, depending on a players level. Filling a crate will be rewarded with a specified amount of coins and experience points. In order to receive the experience points and voucher for a shipment, every crate must be filled. If you only fill part of the shipment you will receive money and experience points for those crates filled, not the whole shipment.

Crates can be be flagged with requests for help. When a another player comes to the farm, they will see a boat with an exclamation mark, denoting the player requires help filling crates. Once a crate has been flagged, any visiting player can fill it, including those who find the farm through the newspaper, followers, and friends. A player can fill his own crate, even if it has been flagged for help.

Boat Achievements
3 boats for Capt I
6 boats for Capt II
12 boats for Captain III

The Captain achievement is for filling a certain amount of consecutive boats. As difficulty increases with leveling it is recommended to try to get this at lower levels. 

As you fill orders for your boat and others boats you will accumulate gold. Eventually you will accumulate enough gold for the Stevedore achievement

Help other people with their boats and fill a certain amount of crates.

Boat Score Hunter
Accumulate a certain number of boat points for the leader board. The boat points are represented with the icon of a ships wheel or helm.

Strategy Tips
1. When the boat dock is first repaired, it is to a players advantage to complete every boat order, even if this requires purchasing items, as the Captain achievement requires the player to complete consecutive boats. Make filling crates a
priority at this point, over truck orders or sales to non-player characters. 

2. Ask for help! It is very critical to have as many friends as possible to help you complete these orders. Add people even if you don't know them to build up a good pool of friends.  

3. Help others often. Your friends and followers will come to think of you as a "good friend" if they frequently see your avatar on their crates and they are more likely to check your farm for boat help frequently. 

4. Change your farm's name. It is helpful to put in your farm's title that your boat needs help. If you can remember to change it back after, it is even more helpful to put the exact item you require in the title so that your friends don't have to go to your boat to recall what item they want to help you with. 

5. Get new boats early in the day. When you send a boat off, a new boat is coming in 4 hours.... or the next time you log in to your game. If you send a shipment off at night and can resist checking back in after 4 hours have elapsed, the boat will come in and the timer will start at your next login. To avoid having the timer tick overnight, don't check in if it has been more than 4 hours since you sent off your last boat. 

6. Prepare in advance. When you send a shipment off, check the dock to see what will be required for your next shipment. It is most advantageous to complete orders before you go to sleep and put the items you'll require in your production queue overnight, if possible. You may also need to plant crops or set aside animal products to fill orders and knowing in advance will prevent selling these items in other ways.

What does it mean when a photo is on my leader board?
It means that someone just passed your boat score

12. How do Trees and Bushes work?
Unlike other crops, Trees and Bushes don't require fields to grow on. Instead, you can plant them almost anywhere on your farm! They have a limited life span, however, meaning that you can only harvest them three times. After three harvests, the tree or bush wilts, and needs special tending. You can ask your friends for help in reviving your wilted trees and bushes, which allows you to get one more harvest before the tree or bush wilts permanently. After that, the tree or bush must be chopped down to make room for new ones.

Brown Trees

I have noticed brown trees on my neighbors farms? How can I help?

 Unlike other crops, Trees and Bushes don't require fields to grow on. Instead, you can plant them almost anywhere on your farm! They have a limited life span, however, meaning that you can only harvest them three times. After three harvests, the tree or bush wilts, and needs special tending. You can ask your friends for help in reviving your wilted trees and bushes, which allows you to get one more harvest before the tree or bush wilts permanently. After that, the tree or bush must be chopped down to make room for new ones.
Hay Day brown trees
Tap tree

My Apple tree is wilting. Can you water it for me?

You receive Blue Stars (experience points) when you water a neighbors tree or plants. So I have been making it a practice when I visit a neighbor's farm to check their tree's, and also look for the Mystery Box.  

I visited a neighbors farm and found a Raspberry Bush "Shaking" and with an exclamation point beside it. I tapped the bush and received (9 stars or experience points). Experience points get larger as you level up in the game.

If you place a tree or bush near your Roadside Shop others will more likely see it and will look for other shaking foliage on your farm.

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