Thursday, February 21, 2013

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions concerning the game....I am only at level 37 myself. But I would search out the answer for you and it add to the blog.

Click on the "GC Name" tab...there are over 600 GC names that you can add to your game center. Remember Game Center will only allow you to add 500 names. Who needs anymore then that:)

Happy Harvesting!!!!


Monday, February 11, 2013

How to get vouchers

You finally get your 1st Hay Day pet voucher and now you want a dog. Wait?!? You need more??? A lot more vouchers to get the dog.

So how do you get more vouchers in Hay Day?

1) You get vouchers by filling boat orders (mystery color voucher)

2) You get vouchers by completing special truck orders (question mark color voucher)

3) You can find vouchers in the mystery red tool box

4) You can win a free voucher when spinning the wheel of fortune

5) You can buy vouchers with diamonds.

How to get free diamonds

Free Diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency that is typically purchased with money.  Diamonds are used to accelerate production timers, expand production queues and buy missing items. 

There are 5 ways to get free diamonds and 1 way by following the Hay Day Facebook page.  If there are others, please leave a comment about it for everyone.

 1) You can get 1-2 diamonds every time you gain a level.

 2) You earn 2 free diamonds when you find a movie ticket and watch the 30 sec commercial for another 

(The movie ticket is a feature that Hay Day is still testing, and currently only a random group of players may get it. However, the ticket may appear & disappear from the farms at any time during this time.)

 3) You randomly get diamonds when searching in mystery boxes

 4) You can get diamonds from mining in the mine starting at level 19

 5) You gain diamonds when you complete an achievement (1 diamond for lvl 1, and so on till lvl 3)

 6) You can win free diamonds from supercell when they hold a contest on the hay day Facebook page

Monday, February 4, 2013

What's more profitable: smelter or cake oven?

I saved up to open my mine, and I've spent a lot on explosives, but nobody will buy ore -- even if I price it extremely cheap (like one coin for ten of anything). So I'm wondering if I should just give up on the metals altogether and buy a cake oven. Will people buy metal bars (considering they don't seem to be buying ore), or is cake a better bet for making coins?

This is from my experience, If I had known that it takes so much time to produce metal bars I would never have opened the mine & invest in smelters. 8 hrs to produce a silver bar, and more in case you want to produce Plantium or Gold. Which means an order of 4 metal bars will cost you 1-2 days & only bring you around 400-500 coins & exp. It also too difficult to find buyers for metal bars. Hence, my suggestion is to put your investment in cake oven.

The thing about the mine is that it gives you diamonds and don't worry about sales as Greg will buy everything at the end of the day.

I would recommend buying a cake oven because you get a lot of money off of cake trust me

Ok, money is way to easy to make in this game for people to be saying stuff is expensive. Stop filling your boat orders for a couple days and fill your barn. When your barns full sell everything. Stick to cake, burgers and sweaters. You'll make 20k a day not trying. I bought three smelters and opened the mine all in the same day. It's too easy to make money. As for the metal bars, I'm hoping they are used to make something in the future, so I'm stock piling them for now.

Is it worth it to open the mine?

The only thing worthwhile that you get from the mine is a few diamonds here and there. I believe it costs way to much for the return that you get. I wish I hadn't bought it. You can purchase the smelter without opening the mine and then buy the cheap ore through the "Daily Dirt". Just my thoughts.

The mine can be opened at level 24 and it cost $26,000 to repair

Mine - $26,000
1st smelter - $12,000
2nd smelter - $22,000
3rd smelter - $30,000

How much does each produce:
Dynamite - 2 Ore
TNT Barrel - 3 Ore
Shovel - 4 Ore

Length of time to produce a bar:
Silver bar = 8 hrs
Gold Bar = 12 hrs
Platinum = 16 hrs

If you were to sell the ore in the Daily Dirt (classifieds):

Gold Ore            1x = $18             Gold Bar =         $147
Platinum Ore       1x = $50             Platinum Bar =   
Silver Ore           1x = $57             Silver bar =

Eggs and more eggs!!!!!!

I am curious why people continue to sell eggs, bacon, bacon and eggs, wheat and corn at their Roadside Shop. I can harvest all the eggs, bacon, bacon and eggs, wheat and corn as I want....I am never wanting and I will never need to buy them. Greg and the locals buy my eggs, wheat and corn. Those of you who are selling these items are you making a lot of money? Or are those items just sitting in your shop?

Just eggs,  why are you selling eggs

Selling one item at a time
Instead of selling 10 apples for $396, sell them one at a time for $39 or in smaller quantities. I am more inclined to buy a item even at full price if they are in smaller quantities. No one wants or will buy 10 bacon and eggs for over $2000. 

The only reason
The only reason I can think of....why people continue to place eggs and bacon at high prices in the classifieds. If you place an add for (free or you pay for it) the add is connected to one of the items and once that item is sold your add is removed from the classifieds. So people are placing eggs and bacon at high prices and attaching the add to that item. No one will buy that item and because of that their classified add remains for the full three hours. It is also a double edged sword. When I open the classifieds and see nothing but bacon and eggs I close the classifieds and wait for something I really can buy.