Money, Money, Money...

Ways to earn money:

1. Buy items from the Daily Dirt at low prices and sell high
2. Mystery Boxes: 163 Coin, 173 Coin, the higher the level, the more
3. Roadside Shop
4. Neighbor Greg and Locals
5. Filling orders
6. Fishing
7. Purchase them

I now have $365,965 banked. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel as money is concerned. But things are getting more expensive.

Level 46 $329,656 Dollars

How do I make money?

1. Selling items you make in your Roadside Shop

2. Buying items from players cheap and selling high
3. Looting Mystery Box (occasionally your rewarded money)
4. Use Tom to buy low and sell high (you only get him for 2 1/2 days and then you have to pay diamonds)


You finally get your 1st Hay Day pet voucher and now you want a dog. Wait?!? You need more??? A lot more vouchers to get the dog.

So how do you get more vouchers in Hay Day?

1) You get vouchers by filling boat orders (mystery color voucher)

2) You get vouchers by completing special truck orders (question mark color voucher)

3) You can find vouchers in the mystery red tool box

4) You can win a free voucher when spinning the wheel of fortune

5) You can buy vouchers with diamonds.

Diamonds are the premium currency that is typically purchased with money.  Diamonds are used to accelerate production timers, expand production queues and buy missing items. 

There are 7 ways to get free diamonds and 1 way by following the Hay Day Facebook page.  

 1) You can get 1-2 diamonds every time you gain a level.

2) You earn 2 free diamonds when you find a movie ticket and watch the 30 sec commercial for another 

They are testing the Movie Ticket out...meaning only a select few actually get this. I have been
playing 6 months now....I'm on level 59 and I have not seen one.

3) You randomly get diamonds when looting mystery boxes

4) You can get diamonds from mining in the mine starting at level 23

5) You gain diamonds when you complete an achievement (1 diamond for level 1, and so on till level 3)

6) You earn diamonds by fishing

7) You can win free diamonds from Hay Day when they hold the Eggstravaganza competition on their               Facebook page

Eggstravaganza competition

8) You can purchase them

Missing Diamonds
In almost every case, the diamonds are not actually lost. Some users accidentally tap on speed up buttons and thus use diamonds to speed up animals, crops, productions etc. Unfortunately they can't undo speed ups, or accidental purchases in the game. 

Will there be a Diamond Confirmation Button

Hay Day says "Probably not going to happen because it would ruin the flow of the game" or in other words that's how we make lots of money!!!

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