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New Game Center names just added

casper5961 Jibby Skygirl pookie987987 Banne Huang utopier0
fikoboy mekupa elad0ra TehDag dancer7111
kstrembi zarinsg Timtamjane Clyne782 saettamq
garro777 skjaerris tay0293 Debs Farm ozcan2012
juliet20266 axelle.vr95 Sasje04 waterplimpie Tash.tickle
TheSirLance Glikkow HarisAlwafi C1082 Felicia6_
bandyt88 mikewillisuk elenin93 Mboy12 ernie982
MissKick4SS marwan warman 98daniel9 catbar simsbadger
Sergicek7 arnaudh75018 Bazzu13 djktl sandymw
tashaj21 Juniper422 nissa7624 eyalt365 mi5ka74
catbarber Alain Trienes poison_girl85 froggy16  pogaboy
AmandaLT99 al3xis88 josephinak Cutiepiequinn melody301
punky1958 sweetpea0917 bitteke77 chloebert snopking
cysin93 -Zafeer- msmitch1980 themockingbirds evilspygal
Jennylee530 outcastroj jeezyhenny Morkel Smith andipil
Greenpotatochips colagott brie87144 karina4t l-rod89
crazywhitelady3030 noradirk41 ibugaj miccakenneth86  gel11963

Thank you letters and gift cards

There is often confusion between thank you letters and gift cards. You can receive a max of 30 letters per day, but not every letter contains a gift card.  The maximum amount of gift cards per day is five.

Please follow this link for info on how the postman works

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hay Day Tips

Don't waste your diamonds on decorative objects or speeding up products. Use them on the ques for your machines. Dairy machine and sugar machine are a must, as you will use these to make other items.

When browsing the paper don't just look in the adds that have something you want in, most times if the paper has a few building material in, other shops in the paper will have building material that isn't advertised. Even if the paper is filled with eggs and bacon, still check them as you never know what could come across.

Start collecting TNT, shovels and dynamite early on in the game. You will use these on the smelter which makes ore. The ore is used to make jewerelly, and this is the best seller. You can have up to 5 smelters.

If you really want to advance in the game, then you can join a Hay Day forum. On here you can trade items with people, or ask for help on boat orders.  Also the more friends you add on had day the more slots you get in your road side shop.

Building Expansion
The best way to do this is through harvesting. Spend some time continuously harvesting wheat. I have just harvested wheat 6 times continuously and I got 1 saw, 2 land deeds, 1 duct tape and 1 bolt. So as long as you can get rid of the wheat keep harvesting. 

Making Money
If your aim of the game is to make lots of money then forget about the boat and truck orders. Everything you make you can sell in your shop. Also browse the paper and friends stalls for any cheap items, then sell them in your shop at full price. Be carefull though as something's don't sell at full price so will be in your stall a while. Keep your animal feed machines running as animal feed sells quick.

Experience Points
If your aim of the game is to level up fast then it's all about the experience points. Max out your animals as you level up and keep feeding them. Even if you don't need all the produce, you can still sell in your shop. Do the boat and truck orders as much as you can. Also harvesting as often as possible will get you lots of experience points.

Cats and Dogs
You can buy the cats and dogs with vouchers. You gain vouchers from completing boat and truck orders or harvesting crops collecting from the Mystery box. You can not trade them. When you have enough vouchers you can buy your cat or dog, but before you do this you must buy a cat or dog house. Your cats and dogs will need feeding, milk for cats and bacon for dogs. Every time you feed your pet you will get 30 experience points. They only feed every few hours. It is a achievement getting each individual pet.

Behind the Success of Hay Day

Hay Day's Player-First Approach

I started writing this post some time ago as I do with all of my deconstructions. First play for 2 weeks, then do the core loop, break down the core loop, analyse the difference between benchmark titles etc. But what I noticed with Hay Day is that the magic isn't just in the core loop or features.

Hay Day is an awesome game and we all know it. It's a farming game but it's not 'just another farming game'. It feels fresh, despite not really having anything innovative or new. In my opinion, what makes Hay Day so good is that the team who made it took a step back.

Instead of slapping new elements into an overworked genre, Hay Day actually emphasizes those key elements that made the whole genre successful. And as a cherry on the top, it's made tablet first, which is a difference you can truly see and feel.

The magic of Hay Day is in the way the game has been designed — with a player-first approach in mind, which is sadly something we developers tend to forget too often.

XP earned by player actions allows player to level up. With every level up players unlock new ways to produce different resources and thus diversify and grow their farm.

A chat with Timur

Timur, out of all genres how did you end up doing a farming game?

We wanted to create an entertaining game for a large audience and nothing really says mass market in social games more than farming. Of course, we knew that we were about to enter the most competitive segment in gaming, but at the same time we saw it in a bit different light.

I mean, there are a lot of farming games simply because people enjoy farming games. The opportunity was there because no one had developed farming games specifically for tablets. Farming games that really made use of the large, stunning touch screen.

So you saw the opportunity in tablet specific farming games. How long it took the team to develop Hay Day and what was the team size?

You know that at Supercell we keep our team sizes relatively small, emphasizing more on the experience and the dynamics of the teams instead of the sheer size.

But to answer the question, throughout development our team size has been between 5 to 10 developers and it took us 6 months until the first submission, which was limited to the Canadian App Store.

Supercell's game teams tend to be much smaller yet much more experienced compared to other game companies.

After 6 months of production you soft launched Hay Day exclusively in the Canadian App Store to see how the game performs. What kind of changes did you make during soft launch phase?

We kept Hay Day exclusive in the Canadian App Store for about two months and this phase proved to be crucial for the global success of the game.

Firstly, we were able to significantly improve the first-time flow of users, as well as to prove that players understood all of the game's features.

Secondly, we were able to tweak the game economy a lot. We changed roughly all of the initial values in the economy during the soft launch phase.

And thirdly, the live environment showed us at which points in the game players ran out of content and we were able to fill these gaps of inactivity with new content and thus improve retention.
What was the growth like after the global launch?

As you can see from App Annie, our growth was very patient and we actually broke the TOP 10 grossing list only four months post-launch.

This is mostly because we wanted the game to grow organically, relying on player retention and word of mouth. Sounds corny, but we wanted to prove that Hay Day could grow just because it’s that good of a game.

Talking about retention. At one point AppData showed DAU/MAU of 55% for Hay Day. How did you guys reach this kind of engagement rates?

As I said before, retention is something we really focused on in Hay Day and the results have been pretty amazing.

I personally think that it all has a lot has to do with the fact that we don’t teach our players how to play Hay Day. Instead, we give our players the freedom to learn to play the game themselves.

Our game updates have also increased the retention rate. This is because the updates were designed to reinforce the core loop and to add meaningful social features, instead of adding new elements to the game.

What do you think makes Hay Day so successful?

I believe the success can also be linked to our approach, as we avoid teaching players how to play the game. There are no forced tutorials, missions or quests in Hay Day. And there’s no ”right way to play” the game or punishment for playing the game in different way. We wanted Hay Day to be extremely logical and thus easy to understand and enjoy.

For example, when players collect chickens they gets eggs instead of coins. To get coins, players have to sell the eggs. To get more coins players make up more valuable goods to be sold by combining eggs with various other resources, thus producing waffles, cookies etc. That's logical. You don't need a forced tutorial with spotlight, arrows and instructions to teach that.

All the concepts in Hay Day are very logical and thus easy for players to understand. Even producing bacon by putting pigs into sauna is, in a way, very logical.

Hay Day has been constantly in the TOP 10 grossing list for months now. How come the game monetizes so well?

This might sound crazy, but we designed the game so that it could be truly played for free without ever having to pay in order to progress.

At the same time, we understood that some of our players will want to speed up their progress at some point and we simply made it easy for them to do so.

So, in short, we sell players convenience without ever forcing our players to pay or get viral to progress.

Hay Day is really strong in IAPs but what everyone doesn't know is that the ads also bring a hefty chunk of revenue. Can you talk more about ads in Hay Day?

We wanted to give our non-paying players a chance to earn some hard currency and ads were the perfect solution.

But ads are also a great way to ruin the game experience. So we set out with an aim to avoid turning Hay Day into a Christmas Tree by slapping interstitials, banners and popups on it.

The way ads have been integrated into the game follows our overall strategy where we aim to keep things logical for the player. In addition to keeping things logical, we also approached the ad integration from the game side, instead of pushing the ads from the marketing side.

So we got the game team interested in finding great ways to show ads to our players which resulted in awesome ad integration.

Ad integration is again very logical and not intrusive in Hay Day. For example players see ads in the in-game newspaper. No banners. No interstitials. No forcing. Yet very effective.

With clever ad integration, you must also be boasting strong CTRs?

All I can say is that the ratio of ad revenue out of total revenue is substantial. In fact, it could be more, as our players’ demand for ads currently exceeds the supply. That’s why we’re actually looking for additional clever ways to integrate ads into the game.

You've passed the torch of Hay Day some time ago and you're currently working on a new title. What is different in the development of your upcoming title compared to Hay Day? What did Hay Day teach you?

Our approach has stayed pretty much the same. We work in a small and experienced team where everyone carries true passion for the game.

The only major change in the development approach this time around is the profound emphasis on the first time flow.

We really want to nail it from the get go as it’s probably the single most important part of a game.

Question Answered about Gift cards


I am no longer able to get the gift certificate to collect all. I can see them, but the collect all button stays gray. 


Do you have 40 gift cards saved? If so, spend them and the collect button should not be gray any longer.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Boat: Captain III Award

Captain III Award


Most players you will encounter here will highly recommend getting your dock repaired as soon as you are able.  Don't wait for any machines!  The longer you wait, the higher level you will be, therefore, you will have more higher-level items needed for your crates!

IMPORTANT FACT #1: In order to achieve Captain III (as well as the first two awards,) you MUST fill ALL CRATES in all boats until the award is achieved.  You cannot let a boat sail without filling...or you'll be starting over.

IMPORTANT FACT #2:  Your boats will WAIT for you to open your game.  In other words, if you know your boat is arriving at the dock in 4 hours, but you will be at work soon afterward, DON'T OPEN YOUR GAME!  Likewise, if you know your boat will arrive 15 minutes before you go to sleep.........DON'T OPEN YOUR GAME!  Let the game stay closed, because your boat will wait up-river until you do, even after its designated arrival time.  You will have a set number of hours to completely fill all crates, and you don't want to open your boat until you KNOW you'll have some time to work on them. 


We typically let any sugar, cream or syrup boats sail, without filling their crates.  Once you've hit your Captain III, you can (and should) do this, too.  Those items are always in demand to produce OTHER items, and while people will want to help you, it's difficult to part with them.  Of course, there are always exceptions.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hay Day Addiction 2

Click on the Hay Day Addiction 2 picture to the right for:

1. Game Center Names
2. Hay Day Websites
3. Questions Answered

Just needed more I have expanded the blog into two blogs

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I can't play! Connecting, updating... What's wrong?

Try this:

1. Double tap on the home-button so that a row of icons (open apps) appear at the bottom
2. Tap and hold any of the icons until they all start to wiggle and get a red dot with a white stripe in the upper left corner
3. Tap on all red dots on all icons to quit the apps running in the background (including Hay Day)
4. Double tap on your home-button again
5. Reboot your device
6. Launch Hay Day and try again

If that doesn't help, you can try to delete Hay Day from your device + all of its content, and then re-install Hay Day! Please also make sure that your device has the latest official iOS version installed (version 6.1.3). Make sure that your device has enough storage space available. Settings -> General -> About -> Available. If it is below 500MB, then delete some other app from your phone, and do the steps above.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hay Day Hack

This is a scam and you will get a virus!

The first step they say is for you to "Spread the Good News" ...they make you spam....

The download will not continue until you have done so.

hay day tips and tricks, cheats, hacks

This is what it looks like on the fan page after you have done step one.... Nigel has just spread the "Good News"

real hay day hack tool, add max diamonds and coins
Nigel has just spammed the Hay Day Fan Page.

Now the site allows you to download the "HACK"

Which more then likely will install a virus on the device you are downloading to. It's a scam....there are no Hay Day hacks out there that work....SO BEWARE!!!!!!

hay day hack, max diamonds, free diamonds, max coins

Friday, May 17, 2013

How much does a Candy machine cost?

There have been a lot of questions lately on the Hay Day Facebook page. People are asking what are the costs for Production Equipment? (Coffee Kiosk, Candy Machine, Smelter, etc.). Check out the Production Equipment page for all your answers.

Across the river?

Looks like what ever is coming soon with the small boat....we get to cross the river

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Follow or unfollow a Farm

Follow or Unfollow
You can only follow 5 farms at any given time from your Roadside Shop.

At the top of the screen is a gold ribbon and a smiley face. Click on the gold ribbon to follow or to unfollow a farm.

Follow or Unfollow roadside shop

Farm Unfollowed

When you try to add a sixth farm, you will get this error. Remember, you can only follow 5 farms at a time.

Cannot follow farm! All slots in use
Follow or Unfollow roadside shop

The Blue Outlined photos are the farms that denote the farms that you are following.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Roadside Stand Tips & Tricks

Roadside Stand Tips & Tricks

By Glenn Benedict


For those who may be new to the game and need to earn coins. Eggs, bacon and eggs, wool, milk, bacon, sell about 50 coins less than max and they should go consistently.

Any sugars or dairy products will go super fast, always do the max amount. ... Pies and cakes, sell at the max amount. The higher level items will usually go fast.

Jams, juices, and ice cream go very fast at top price. Feed will go very fast at top price also.
People like me can't seem to resist, lol.

Goat milk, sell at top price also. Raspberries, blackberries, apples, cherries, cocoa, coffee beans, you can sell at top price or slighltly below and they will also go fast.

Crops that are typically used for feed, sell at slightly below top price. There will be people that fill their machines, realize they're out and need more.

Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, lavender and pumpkins will all sell at top price or slightly below pretty well. I've noticed a lot of people don't grow a lot of these and just buy them. Me for instance, I only grow tomatoes and buy the rest.

Ore and bars sell extremely fast. Jewelry will also go very fast. While ore and bars aren't worth much, the jewelry will bring in a nice coin.

Building and land materials go quickly, always max the price.

Shovels, TNT, dynamite, axes, and saws I recommend hanging onto. They don't sell for much, but if you do sell, always max that too.

Fill up your stand with unadvertised stuff and put the advertised thing at the end...or close to it (on the right, rather than the left). I suggest something that won't get bought up quickly, like full price bacon & eggs. The idea is you want that item to stick around longer because then the ad will stay up.

Stick around as the shoppers come by. As they buy things up...BACK FILL! Take full advantage of the ad.
Fill your stand and advertise as often as you can. Even if its just wheat. See, people will start to see you as a power seller, so they'll start stopping by more...following you, etc. more people stopping by = more biz.

I've found that the slower selling items do well if sold in LOW doses, (1-2 in a stall,) and GROUPED together in adjoining stalls. People will buy them quick if they need them for boat/truck orders...BUT they won't buy them if you put 10 of them in one stall. The price SCARES them. Instead, if they see 1-2 at a time,the price low, so they'll jump on them. Especially if they see three stalls with them and they think. "Hey...I need 3 sets of 2 of those for my crates!
On the flip side...Awesome stuff will sell immediately even if you sell it in bulk for full price. I've found that cakes, juice, jam, etc... will sell immediately even if I sell 6-10 of them together for a bazillion coins.
If your store LOOKS pretty, many times things will sell better as well. For instance, I've alternated chili popcorn and roasted tomatoes through my stalls, just because it LOOKS nice. Whenever I've done that, they sell very fast. So.........either group things together in stalls or arrange them so it's pleasing to the eye.

Another trick, if you're loading up your store with many of the same item...make sure your advertised item is well to the end/to the right, after many others (ex: you've just loaded 7 stalls with 10x wheat...then make the 8th one the advertised one. This means those people who've come to buy that wheat will more than likely buy the others first, leaving your ad intact.)

Seems there are three "sets" of ads that will rotate in the paper...
1.) Bacon/eggs 
2.) Pretty good stuff 
3.) The "Frenzy" stuff. 

(The frenzy stuff seems to stay the least amount of time, while mainly bacon and eggs sticks around longer.) 

If you advertise the hottest stuff (Barn and Silo expansion items, land Expansion Items, Cakes, Juice, etc...) you'll find yourself IN the frenzy paper, and people DON'T shop for long in that paper. They just SWOOP in, look for the item advertised and SWOOP out.  If you advertise the medium stuff, (produce, muffins, etc.) then you'll find your ad placed in the medium paper.  I personally think this is a good place to be.  If you advertise bacon and eggs, you'll find yourself in the slooooooooow moving paper...which has its benefits, because chances are you'll have the ad up much longer.


 Many people fill their store, then they will "back fill" with cool items.  SO, if you land in a store to find something highly desirable BUT it's gone...stick around a bit!  You never know...they may be backfilling and you'll be staring at 10 Barn/Silo Expansion Items that everyone else missed.

Most people will just check and move on when the ad changes and the "feeding frenzy" begins.  That means not many people will wait to see if the store owner is backfilling.

If you have the time, poke around in the paper...don't just go to the ads for the things you're interested in.  On the contrary, many times the BEST stuff is hidden within!

KNOW YOUR PRICES!  Many people will sell things WELL under the top price, because they're cleaning out their barn or silo or they really need the coins.  You can buy low and sell high............a capitalist's dream. 
Seems there are three "sets" of ads that will rotate in the paper...
1.) Bacon/eggs 
2.) Pretty good stuff 
3.) The "Frenzy" stuff. 

(The frenzy stuff seems to stay the least amount of time, while Bacon and Eggs stick around longer.)  When the frenzy hits, if you can afford it, buy up any BEM and LEM you can afford.  It can't hurt, because you can sell it JUST as quickly as you bought it, if you decide you don't want it.  Do it fast, though!  They sell fast!!! Sneeze and you'll miss them all.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hay Day FAQ's

1. Where do I find land, barn and silo expansions, and tools?

 Depending on which level you are on, by harvesting crops, making food, collecting goods from machines,  feeding animals,  mystery boxes, buying them in the newspaper ( if you are quick enough!) or from your neighbor's roadside shops. You can also trade for them.

2. I am a level 31 player and I have no money! What is the best way of earning cash?

Friends: First of all try to get more friends through Game Center or Facebook.This will give you a larger market for your goods and give you more spaces in the store to sell your goods.

Truck & Boat Orders: Ignore truck and boat orders as you really don't need the experience points at the moment - and they don't give you as much money as selling in your store. Especially don't sell to the little people (visitors/locals) I've found they are only useful if you have a alot  of cheaper things you need to shift quickly to empty your barn and, at lower levels this isn't financially feasible as they pay very little. A rule of thumb for high selling goods is, the longer they take to make and the more raw ingredients they use to produce, the more they will be worth. (Cakes are a good example of that and they will fly out of the door for high prices) At the same time produce popcorn and bread as the prices aren't so high but the time they take to make is less and they sell well.

Sell land expansion items: I know when I was at the lower  levels  I was fanatical about increasing my land, which meant I was always broke! You won't need that land yet - and I assure you that later in the game you will have plenty of time and money (a LOT of money!) to do this. Barn and silo expansion, they sell quickly for a high price, but the bigger your barn and silo means bigger storage which is always a plus point.

Fruit: will sell well, but can leave you with a lot of dead wood.

Using Tom: is also an option as he will fetch top quality goods and will charge you far less than you will get from selling them. It is a matter of choice though as you may prefer using your diamonds to open extra slots in the machines first, especially dairy and sugar, as this gives you a greater capability to produce goods. If you do use Tom, here are a couple of pointers. Try to buy him as early as possible on a day you know you've got a lot of free time . When you send him out for items make sure they are the highest priced things you can acquire at your level - (probably cheesecake at yours?) If he comes back with less than 9 items and asks if you want them say no. He will then take a two minute comfort break and then will ask again. Keep doing this until he brings back 9 and then accept. It does use his time, but added up it results in more goods. Then sell them all in your shop. Don't forget to advertise if you haven't enough neighbours to buy your goods yet. In fact, in the beginning, it is better to always advertise as this helps you to complete your patronage achievement.

3. How do I stop my farm from being overrun by dead trees and bushes or having to find lots of saws and axes?

If you want a farm without dead trees without having to purchase zillions of axes and saws, yet still have plenty of fruit, you may like to try this.

Never buy more than 10 of each tree or bush. As soon as the crop is ready, harvest it immediately. Don't forget to put the ! on it when it wilts. When it dies replace it immediately. Don't sell your fruit to the little people. They want far too many and pay way too little. Doing it this way I have loads of fruit. When I get above 50 of each I put the excess on sale in my stand. By the time my trees and bushes die I usually have found enough saws and axes to cut them down and if I haven't enough, usually axes, I will use Tom to get them, but it is possible to do it without him, just needs a bit more patience! This method also means you have more space for decorations, if you like them, as later in the game you do tend to run out of land space!

 As I said, this method won't appeal to everyone, as many people love having lots of trees on their farms and manage them perfectly by using their trees as storage to save space in their silos and only harvesting when needed. It's up to you to choose which style suits you best.

4. What should I get first - the cake oven, the mine or the dock?

My advice would be cake oven, dock, mine. You can make a lot of things in your cake oven that will give you cash for the latter two, and if you get the boat first it will ask for items you can only produce in your cake oven. Opening the mine would definitely be my last option, as it is pretty useless unless you have the smelters, which are expensive! The only reason for doing the mine before the others is it does give the chance of a diamond or two if you find the TNT, dynamite and shovels needed to excavate it.

5. Why is the newspaper filled with bacon and eggs?

First, two of the accomplishments are producing a lot of bacon and eggs from your animals. So what do you do when you you've got all these and your barn is exploding? You put them in the newspaper, or, if you have it, make your machine produce bacon and eggs. They require no other products, such as sugar and dairy, and can be sold for a high price. Also, if these goods are not sold Greg will buy them at full price.

 They are also a cheap way of mastering your machine also a reason we tend to see a lot of roasted tomatoes.

 Another reason is that they are an advertisement saver. They will stay in the paper for 3 hours, if nobody buys them. A stall is constantly being advertised making it easier to sell other goods.

Also a reason for there being even less good food items in the paper recently is those who were selling their surplus goods are now using them to help other people's boats.

6. Why is my husband getting movie tickets to watch trailers and earn diamonds and I'm not?

This is a trial for some users only, as, when this feature was introduced to all a couple of months back, it crashed some devices. Hopefully it may be available to all again in the future.

 7. What's this balloon I've heard about? I've never seen it.

When you have hired Tom he will sometimes give you an offer to hire him again at a discount. He will have a balloon in his hand. You don't have to accept the offer, but keep an eye on that balloon! After a while (when the offer has ended - probably about 10 minutes) Tom will release it and if you pop it in time something will drop. The balloon contains the same items you can find in the Mystery boxes, or sometimes experience points.

8. I've just started playing the game and am a bit confused about the friends and followers bar.

 Friends, followers, and people you follow.

When you start the game you will see at least one friend in your menu, that is Greg (everyone has him as a friend). You can visit his farm and will find things in his stall that are refreshed once a day, he will also buy stuff in your stall that has been there too long, thus freeing up slots.

You may also see other friends, these are your friends on FaceBook and GC who already play the game. The pig gives you the option to add other friends from FaceBook you think might like to play the game, and if they accept they are added. For every so many  friends added you will receive extra slots in the roadside shop stalls in which to sell your goods. You can also add friends via Game Center if you know their Game Center Name.

Followers are people who see your farm and like it in some way ( maybe they like the layout, or what you sell in your stall, or even, maybe the name of your farm! it's pretty random) they tap on the ribbon at the top of your farm, and, hey presto! they are in your list of followers.

People you follow are the farms you like. When you press their ribbon you will become one of their followers. You can follow a maximum of 5 farms and will see these in your friends list in a blue box.

Having lots of friends and followers means you can buy directly from their stalls without going through the newspaper and they can also help you with your boat orders, and vice versa. The friends bar also has the useful feature that you can see via the exclamation point (!) against their names if they need help. (Although there is a bug at the moment that people are flagged who do not need help. A tip here to quickly check if they really do need help is to see if they have a exclamation point (!) against their farm name at the top of the page. If they have they really do need help

9. I've got a lot of dead followers is there any way to get rid of them?

If you have a follower who constantly raids your goods, including trades, and does nothing to help you the best way to get rid of them is to not stock your stall for a few days or fill it with something non-desirable, and never help them.
 10. I can see a trash can on my truck notice board. I don't quite understand how it works?

 This is for if you receive an order and cannot or do not want to fill it. If you tap on the order and then on the trash can it will remove it at no cost and a new order will appear in a few minutes. For example, at higher levels you can also fill special orders that appear in blue, asking for metal bars and jewelery. if you have already completed the truck achievements, and are not concerned with money or experience points, these orders give vouchers as well, so I, for one, trash all other orders and just keep the blue ones!

11. I put something up for sale in my stall and then get an order for it, do I get it back if I edit it?

No you don't. You can try to get a friend to buy it fofromyou and then buy it back from them.

 12. How does the advertising system in your Roadside Shop work? I really want to sell only to my neighbors, but people from the newspaper keep buying it.

 Every 30 minutes you receive a free ad to sell your goods in the paper. When it is ready a green check mark will appear. If you don't want your goods in the paper, click on the tick and it will disappear. Remember to do this each time you put a new item up for sale if you only want to sell it to friends or followers. When you decide you do want to sell in the paper just leave the green tick and that item will be on sale to all players. Even if it does not sell you will still get a new ad in 30 minutes and can use that to advertise another item and both will be in the paper.

13. I can only seem to sell silo items from my Roadside Shop stall, why can't I sell my barn items?

If you look on the left you will see two icons, one with a barn, one with a silo. Click on the barn icon and your barn items will appear.

14. What is the maximum storage capacity for the barn and silo?

Max capacity is 10,000 but at the moment it is not advisable to go above 999 of one particular crop in your silo according to Steve - community manager, as this may cause your game to crash!

15. Do I have to collect my diamond rewards for achievements from the house straight away?

No, you can leave them there until you want to use them. Each reward will still be there. This is handy if you want to avoid using these diamonds accidentally.

16. What's the best way to use my diamonds?

 Well, it does depend on how you like to play the game, and what level you are. Looking to the future and being able to fulfil as many orders as possible it's a good idea to use them on your machines to increase the slots you have to produce your goods. This is also a good idea, as the more slots you have the more goods you can produce when you are not playing the game.

You can hire Tom to get goods for you, and this can also earn you money by selling these goods, but remember, he won't get you silo/barn expansion items. He is also an option if you have the mine and need explosives and shovels, or axes and saws if you have a lot of dead trees.

 Purchase more slots on the dairy and sugar mill as you will need an awful lot of both! Also things like goat cheese and syrup take a while to make and if you fill up slots with these products ( if you have the barn space) a lot can me done when you're away.

 I would not use them on the Mystery Chests as you can find most of the things they contain in the game.

 I do occasionally use the odd one or two on the wheel of fortune if there is a decoration or the coveted gold voucher on it - but you do take the chance of ending up with a grain of wheat!

17. Sometimes there is a flashing photo on my dock leader board. What does this mean?

 This means that someone from your friends list has passed you on the leader board.

18. Can’t fill Sugar boats

It is possible to send away those nasty sugar boats. Don't open, fill or ask for help on any of the crates, unless you are doing the captain III accomplishment, just click on the boat icon and it will give you the option to cast off the boat straight away without any cost. The new one will arrive in 4 hours. If you don't send it away there is very little chance of others filling sugar crates, unless you have very generous neighbours as everybody needs the stuff! (Same goes for cream)

Postman FAQ's

1. How it works?

Alfred the postman will visit all farms level 15 and above once a day.

Whenever you help a neighbor either by filling a crate or reviving a tree an envelope will appear at their end attached to your avatar icon. If they click once on the envelope for crates and double click for trees they will automatically send you a thank you letter, which may or may not contain a gift card. Vice versa, if somebody helps you, you will see the icon and must click on it within a certain amount of time if you want to send them a thank you note. If you choose not to for some reason the crate or tree will still be filled or revived. Within about 24 hours your postman will arrive with the letters you have received from people you have helped. (He usually comes at the same time as Greg restocks his shop and the wheel of fortune arrives.)

When you click on your new postbox you will see a pile of envelopes. There are 2 ways to collect these. Either click on 'collect all' - in which case the envelopes will whiz into the air depositing any enclosed gift cards in your catalogue, or, if you want to see the contents, swipe the letters slowly upwards and each one will open individually so you can see who sent them and which ones contain gift cards, and then you can click on 'collect all' to receive them. You can see how many gift cards you have received on the front of the catalogue.

2 How many letters and gift cards do I get?

Depending on how many people you have helped you should receive up to 30 envelopes containing a maximum of 5 gift cards. You will already have received one gift card as a present in the tutorial.

3 I helped a lot more people than that, what happens to the surplus?

The maximum amount of thank you cards you can receive a day is 30, but you can store up to 60 letters before Alfred stops delivering until you have emptied your mailbox.

4 I am only receiving 5 letters and I helped a lot more people. Why is that?

It could be you clicked on 'collect all' so only saw the 5 gift cards, not all the thank you letters that flew into the air! Or it is possible that not everyone clicked on your icon, so no letter will have been sent. If you are still only receiving 5 envelopes a day now, contact support under your game settings.

5 Can I choose the gifts that are given or the wording of the thank you card I send?

No, I'm afraid not. These are randomly generated and are rather like thank you cards you can buy in real life. I'm afraid if, for example, one of your neighbour's cards says, 'I'll send you an ice cream' they didn't actually write it, so I'm afraid you won't be receiving a lovely dairy treat!

6 If I don't play for a couple of days, what happens to the letters?

Once you have 60 letters in your mailbox Alfred will see you are not in and will move on to the next farm! He won't deliver again until you have collected your post. (Thanks aussiebob for the info!)

7 How do I get my gift?

When you have saved up the requisite number of cards click on the package in the catalogue you wish to receive. Within a minute or two you should see the mailman arriving (now that's quick service!) with your package which he will leave by your house for you to open.

8 I haven't received a visit from the mailman yet. Why?

You have to be level 15 or above. If you are and have helped enough people and they have all clicked on the envelope you should have received some gift cards. You may have missed him, I'm not sure how long he hangs around! Try clicking on your new mailbox again and if you still get nothing contact SC through your Hay Day settings as it may be a glitch. (I'm a little in the dark about this one as haven't seen much feedback on it)

9 I paid diamonds and still haven't received my package. It says, 'order pending'

Difficult one this. Again little feedback. Did the diamonds go off of your total? It may also be a question of which package you purchased. The fourth package does get changed and might need a refresh. Also the amount of diamonds needed for this package varies, so you might have been unlucky enough to have been caught between two offers, in which case the amount of diamonds you paid might not tarry with the cost. If you still haven't received it contact SC support under the help button in the top left of your screen.

10 Is there a difference in gifts between iPhone and iPad? I can see a tractor in my game and my husband has got a penny farthing. He's jealous!

It's not a difference between the devices, just random on both. Next time you may see the bike and he may have a chance at the tractor!

11 Do you know if it could be possible that the gifts under the ? could be linked to the level of the player? i am a level 55 player and got coins, which I have plenty of, my partner who hasn't been playing very long (I think he thought if you can't beat them join them LOL) got TNT which he can't use as he's already cleared his land, but hasn't got the mine yet. He would have loved the coins. He did sell the TNT to me, but it would have been nicer if it had been the other way around with a couple of extra TNT's perhaps?

I'm afraid that I can't help there. Maybe you could send a feedback email to Hay Day suggesting this? I certainly know the concept of a surplus of coins!

12 Is there any way I can see the farms of people who have helped me so I can go see if they need any help?

Yes there is. The new addition to your menu where you can see which of your friends and followers and strangers helped you last, entitled, - wait for it!...... 'last helpers'! Click on their icon and go see their farm! Each helper is visible for a limited amount of time though, so will disappear eventually when more helpers are added. Also do know that strangers you help will see your icon, too, so will have access to your road side stall, which I know can be a problem for some who like only to sell to friends and followers, though the newspaper and the leader board do already give people this option.

13 Can I send thank you notes via Alfred from the roadside markets as I'd like to let them know how much they helped me out with my orders.

I'm sorry I'm afraid you can't, though I know that would be nice!

14 What happens when I go over the 40 gift cards shown on the front of the catalogue? Do I still receive the extra ones?

Up until now I have heard of two people who have received more. The front of their catalogues now show 41/40 and 42/40 respectively. JUST IN - quote from aussiebob ( thanks!)

'Max letter daily is 30
Max letter storage is 60 (if you don't collect them daily)
5 gift cards per day max and you can store 40, unless you get 5 when you have 39 then you have 44.'

15 I claimed my gift yesterday, and can't find it anywhere. Where is it?

First of all, check by your house. Is there a package there? If so your gift is in there. If you have already opened the package it depends what was in it. If it was a decoration it will be under your decorations tab, if it was an expansion item or tool it will be in your barn, and if it was coins it will have been added to your total.

16. I've heard so much about the tractor, and I really want the chance to get it, but can't see it in my packages. Why is that?

The last ( mystery) gift card package changes, so may not contain the tractor. There is a countdown clock shown which tells you how much time there is until a new package, which may or may not include the tractor.

Trading Items with Neighbors

Trading Items with Neighbors

1. Please make sure you have space in your barn for the items being recieved.
2. Share your GC or Facebook name what level you are.
3. Agree to the number of items being traded and the price to trade at.
4. When posting items, always be sure to uncheck the advertise button. (don't want a stranger swooping in)
5. Place 1 wheat for sale for 1 coin in the LAST open slot in your store. (decreases the chance of a drive       by)
6. When that is purchased, the name of the person you're expecting to buy should be there.
7. Immediately put up the expansion items one at a time, and verify the expected purchaser is buying it.
8. Do the same for the other trade.

I traded with a lady this morning...she wanted Popcorn. I asked for her Game Center Nickname, she communicated that through Facebook and I added her to my Game Center friends, she accepted the friend request and she instantly became my Hay Day Friend (neighbor). Then we communicated through Facebook again. 

You just need to know the level they are on and their farm name.

She opened my Roadside Shop from the "Friends Menu Button" in lower left corner of your screen, and then I created a new sale (popcorn) and then she bought them when they appeared.

She then asked if I needed anything. Yeah, "SCREWS". She said that oftentimes she does sell them and that she would contact me when she had some available. She did sell me some Duct Tape.

Trade at your own risk
Unfortunately there are dishonest farmers who will not complete the transaction or will scam you out of the promised items etc. Trading outside of the newspaper is always done at your own risk and is not supported by Supercell.

Trading Items Forum Thread

Will there be a Diamond Confirmation Button?

Will there be a Diamond Confirmation Button

Hay Day says "Probably not going to happen because it would ruin the flow of the game" or in other words that's how we make lots of money”

Hay Day News

Update v.1.9.65 (14 April 2013) FINALLY it is here - a new update to Hay Day!!

Took us a bit, but I am sure you will love this new update as most of the features came from ideas you guys sent us!! In this update you will be able to send thank you letters to your friends who have helped you! MASSIVE!!

Oh, and can't forget to introduce Alfred the postman who will be visiting your farm from level 15 and up. Check out the complete list of changes here:

★ Who's whistling that happy tune? Alfred the postman is now visiting all farms level 15 and above. He'll deliver thank you letters to farmers who helped on other farms. It's more than just being cordial: some thank you letters might even contain valuable gift cards! Exchange gift cards for mystery packages through the new order catalog and Alfred will deliver them to your doorstep. Inside you can find exclusive decorations, diamonds, barn & silo upgrades and much more! And remember to check your catalog often: you never know what special time limited packages you might find there.

★ Thanks to your great feedback we've been able to improve boat orders! Orders that require Sugar Mill products are now easier to fulfill.

★ Updated Friends Bar: New Last Helpers tab to keep track of players that just recently helped you on your farm, including the possibility to visit them.

★ Remember to check on Tom the delivery boy regularly! He might be holding a balloon that represents a very special deal just for you. But act fast! The string could slip through his fingers at any moment, and you'll miss out on the deal. Unless, of course, you're good at catching moving targets... try it out if you want a challenge!

★ New language support: Indonesian

★ Bug fixes and overall improvements

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Seriously Addicted to Hay Day!!!!!

I was scrolling through the boat leader boards this morning and found that one of the players was on level 130.

I am on level 54 and I need 201,000 experience points before reaching level 55. Can you imagine the amount of experience points you need for level 130 and beyond. I have been playing for almost 4 months straight, nonstop excluding work, eating, bathroom breaks. I am consumed with this game, addicted!

There was a woman on Facebook who finally said enough is enough after reaching level 49 (the game was consuming her life)

Freedom! I am free at last! I sold off all my stuff and deleted Hay Day as I was seriously addicted. Now I can have my old life back, read books, do crossword puzzles, go for walks. Even have conversations with friends and family! But, oh, I miss my dear little piggies! Goodbye Hay Day. It was fun while it lasted!

Matthew is also liberated

I think I need an INTERVENTION!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hay Day (Supercell) is making 2.4 million dollars a day

Clash of Clans and Hay generate $179 million in first quarter of 2013

Supercell’s astronomic growth shows no sign of abating as it reveals it is now making $2.4 million a day from just two games.

As reported by Forbes, last year the Finland-based free-to-play developer grossed $100 million from Clash of Clans and Hay Day, but this year it has already nearly doubled its total revenue for 2012 by making $179 million in just the first quarter.

After Apple took its share, the company still took away $104 million.

The developer also recently raised between $100m-to-$150m in a funding round, valuing the company near $800 million.

The amount of revenue generated through its titles is up significantly from January, when the studio announced it was raking in $1 million a day.

Hay Day, clash of the clans

"It really is that simple - just design something great, something that users love," Paanenen told Forbes of the studio's success to date, somewhat ironically stressing the importance of putting fun above revenue.

In all, Supercell claims to have more than 8.5 million daily players stretched across its two mobile titles, with a focus on doing things differently than some of the industry's biggest players – Supercell's founders having previously worked at the likes of Digital Chocolate and Remedy – the key.

"After working for big companies and shipping over 165 games across 12 platforms, we all wanted to build a different kind of game company, the one we'd always dreamed of," Paananen told as part of a recent studio profile.

"Quite simply, we thought that the best people make the best games and our main goal should be to get those people and create create a zero-bureaucracy type of environment for them. That was our inspiration."

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Game Center Names Added

nena03 bannie61 War Priest Tragic2213 bipolar.angel
nicks tin robloxianj mirandamarie92 yummy mummy 001 squashie24
minhtran2609 xxmalasxx elodie28190 sonja snapper titus0609
ljd_94 chads_1_girl leah sl cysir phunci
Saveryx demetuncay21 mikeyc8181 Rocket willygirl77
andysgirl Sweetkittykitty veerfl jdv1994 MaleficentRocks
tamio71 sunshinelady712 capricorn9591 pingie96 Merlin4866
kleene1406 litteledevils326 tulia710 Leesmad nerzaa
jadawi-25 JDizzle811 AnkeFB Tabbymorgan strawbearyaffection
MissArendina Alarm Jack-Maggie IamJollyDeeDee ricobs
Blossom1702 Karol2006 sexygranny42 Donbruce1990 Applepie
toy2003 Don 8329 prettylittleliar17 overthehill73 mslala97