Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to change your Roadside Shop names

As you can see below there are two different places where your name appears on your Roadside Shop. 

1. You change the top name through Hay Day. 

how to change roadside shop name hay day

Tap on the settings icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

hay day settings icon with arrow

Tap "Change Farm Name"

how do i change hay day farm name

Type in the name you desire.
Tap on the "Green Check Mark"

Your name has been changed. Some players type "Water my trees" or "Help my boat".

2. You change the Roadside Shop name through your Game Center.

Once in Game Center you will need to tap on "Account" Then tap on view account then scroll down until you see Nickname. That is your Game Center ID and that is what will appear on the roadside shop. 

Now sometimes you may be seeing your real name, if that is the case then you are logged into Facebook, however when others visit your farm they only see your Game Center ID unless it's a Facebook friend that is visiting. Therefore you will have to change your name through Facebook to see the changes.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Boat Strategy Tips

Strategy Tips

1. When the boat dock is first repaired, it is to a players advantage to complete every boat order, even if this requires purchasing items, as the Captain achievement requires the player to complete consecutive boats. Make filling crates a priority at this point, over truck orders or sales to non-player characters. 

2. Ask for help! It is very critical to have as many friends as possible to help you complete these orders. Add people even if you don't know them to build up a good pool of friends.  

3. Help others often. Your friends and followers will come to think of you as a "good friend" if they frequently see your avatar on their crates and they are more likely to check your farm for boat help frequently. 

4. Change your farm's name. It is helpful to put in your farm's title that your boat needs help. If you can remember to change it back after, it is even more helpful to put the exact item you require in the title so that your friends don't have to go to your boat to recall what item they want to help you with. 

5. Get new boats early in the day. When you send a boat off, a new boat is coming in 4 hours.... or the next time you log in to your game. If you send a shipment off at night and can resist checking back in after 4 hours have elapsed, the boat will come in and the timer will start at your next login. To avoid having the timer tick overnight, don't check in if it has been more than 4 hours since you sent off your last boat. 

6. Prepare in advance. When you send a shipment off, check the dock to see what will be required for your next shipment. It is most advantageous to complete orders before you go to sleep and put the items you'll require in your production queue overnight, if possible. You may also need to plant crops or set aside animal products to fill orders and knowing in advance will prevent selling these items in other ways.

Postman FAQs

1. How does the system work?

Whenever you help a neighbour either by filling a crate or reviving a tree an envelope will appear at their end attached to your avatar icon. If they click once on the envelope for crates and double click for trees they will automatically send you a thank you letter, which may or may not contain a gift card. Vice versa, if somebody helps you, you will see the icon and must click on it within a certain amount of time if you want to send them a thank you note. If you choose not to for some reason the crate or tree will still be filled or revived. Within about 24 hours your postman will arrive with the letters you have received from people you have helped. (He usually comes at the same time as Greg restocks his shop and the wheel of fortune arrives.)

When you click on your new postbox you will see a pile of envelopes. There are 2 ways to collect these. Either click on 'collect all' - in which case the envelopes will whizz into the air depositing any enclosed gift cards in your catalogue, or, if you want to see the contents, swipe the letters slowly upwards and each one will open individually so you can see who sent them and which ones contain gift cards, and then you can click on 'collect all' to receive them. You can see how many gift cards you have received on the front of the catalogue.

2 How many letters and gift cards do I get?

Depending on how many people you have helped you should receive up to 30 envelopes containing a maximum of 5 gift cards. You will already have received one gift card as a present in the tutorial.

3 I helped a lot more people than that, what happens to the surplus?

The maximum amount of thank you cards you can receive a day is 30, but you can store up to 60 letters before Alfred stops delivering until you have emptied your mailbox.

4 I am only receiving 5 letters and I helped a lot more people. Why is that?

It could be you clicked on 'collect all' so only saw the 5 gift cards, not all the thank you letters that flew into the air! Or it is possible that not everyone clicked on your icon, so no letter will have been sent. If you are still only receiving 5 envelopes a day now, contact support under your game settings.

5 Can I choose the gifts that are given or the wording of the thank you card I send?

No, I'm afraid not. These are randomly generated and are rather like thank you cards you can buy in real life. I'm afraid if, for example, one of your neighbour's cards says, 'I'll send you an ice cream' they didn't actually write it, so I'm afraid you won't be receiving a lovely dairy treat!

6 If I don't play for a couple of days, what happens to the letters?

Once you have 60 letters in your mailbox Alfred will see you are not in and will move on to the next farm! He won't deliver again until you have collected your post. (Thanks aussiebob for the info!)

7 How do I get my gift?

When you have saved up the requisite number of cards click on the package in the catalogue you wish to receive. Within a minute or two you should see the mailman arriving (now that's quick service!) with your package which he will leave by your house for you to open.

8 I haven't received a visit from the mailman yet. Why?

You have to be level 15 or above. If you are and have helped enough people and they have all clicked on the envelope you should have received some gift cards. You may have missed him, I'm not sure how long he hangs around! Try clicking on your new mailbox again and if you still get nothing contact SC through your Hay Day settings as it may be a glitch. (I'm a little in the dark about this one as haven't seen much feedback on it)

9 I paid diamonds and still haven't received my package. It says, 'order pending'

Difficult one this. Again little feedback. Did the diamonds go off of your total? It may also be a question of which package you purchased. The fourth package does get changed and might need a refresh. Also the amount of diamonds needed for this package varies, so you might have been unlucky enough to have been caught between two offers, in which case the amount of diamonds you paid might not tarry with the cost. If you still haven't received it contact SC support under the help button in the top left of your screen.

10 Is there a difference in gifts between iPhone and iPad? I can see a tractor in my game and my husband has got a penny farthing. He's jealous!

It's not a difference between the devices, just random on both. Next time you may see the bike and he may have a chance at the tractor!

11 Do you know if it could be possible that the gifts under the ? could be linked to the level of the player? i am a level 55 player and got coins, which I have plenty of, my partner who hasn't been playing very long (I think he thought if you can't beat them join them LOL) got TNT which he can't use as he's already cleared his land, but hasn't got the mine yet. He would have loved the coins. He did sell the TNT to me, but it would have been nicer if it had been the other way around with a couple of extra TNT's perhaps?

I'm afraid that I can't help there. Maybe you could send a feedback email to Hay Day suggesting this? I certainly know the concept of a surplus of coins!

12 Is there any way I can see the farms of people who have helped me so I can go see if they need any help?

Yes there is. The very handy new addition to your menu where you can see which of your friends and followers and strangers helped you last, entitled, - wait for it!...... 'last helpers'! Click on their icon and go see their farm! Each helper is visible for a limited amount of time though, so will disappear eventually when more helpers are added. Also do know that strangers you help will see your icon, too, so will have access to your road side stall, which I know can be a problem for some who like only to sell to friends and followers, though the newspaper and the leader board do already give people this option.

13 Can I send thank you notes via Alfred from the roadside markets as I'd like to let them know how much they helped me out with my orders.

I'm sorry I'm afraid you can't, though I know that would be nice!

14 What happens when I go over the 40 gift cards shown on the front of the catalogue? Do I still receive the extra ones?

Up until now I have heard of two people who have received more. The front of their catalogues now show 41/40 and 42/40 respectively. JUST IN - quote from aussiebob ( thanks!)

'Max letter daily is 30
Max letter storage is 60 (if you don't collect them daily)
5 gift cards per day max and you can store 40, unless you get 5 when you have 39 then you have 44.'

15 I claimed my gift yesterday, and can't find it anywhere. Where is it?

First of all, check by your house. Is there a package there? If so your gift is in there. If you have already opened the package it depends what was in it. If it was a decoration it will be under your decorations tab, if it was an expansion item or tool it will be in your barn, and if it was coins it will have been added to your total.

Adding the game to other devices?

Someone asked Hay Day (Supercell) whether or not they were going to put the game on any other device. This was the answer they gave them:

We would love to have Hay Day available on all devices & platforms, but for now we are focusing on making Hay Day even more awesome on iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch! If you want to play Hay Day today, I suggest that you get yourself an iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 5 or iPod Touch 5th generation. The game works and looks amazing on those devices!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Still playing the game?

It's hard to keep up with this blog....with work, and chores, and playing the game.

I'm at level 53....people say it gets boring because there is nothing to buy anymore.....I just buy and sell and harvest and earn more of now I have $420,725.

I look under every rock and cranny looking for planks...I get so excited when I find one or two. I am just shooting for the end of the game level 81 (not that I want it to end. What will I do with my time?).

It will be awhile before I reach the last level since I need to accumulate 190,000 experience points just to reach level I just keep chugging along. Buying, selling, harvesting, milking the cows, filling truck and boat orders...the job is never done....

Happy Harvesting fellow Hay Day Players!!!


Monday, April 22, 2013

New Game Center Names

I just keep adding Game Center names I find on the Hay Day Facebook pages. Here are the latest. You can find more on the GC Names Page. Over 1500 names.

Houds 11
jadekiss Kurdpasha Sankis1990 ai galera claudietto 678
Wildchatz gemharpwood nena03 ipekmentesh erockkk123
Schike_88 Hailey.Co Aouni Amiel08 Amybalcom
megmac2000 TrappedWithin Palominha18 estelleliz kel310
mimi-sweet90 sheilarenee72 rickstamelb mr.feuerstuhl pitbull1809
lowena234 sg71085 pepxx Noshi kirpalk
zamu91234 hockley89 evamarieatle juvelove sleepingtimes
feral chick rdnkgrl89 solnoy.emz xgreenfacex Angbaikia
starstuff10 piti_pk gemmaellie Misssascha81 dikadenpasar
Giambo85 Aligator193 jessypaw7 exceptmystarmovie Rodent44
Perky71 valery 89 5usan Iceblink182 Snoopysgirl
TruckGirl92 carlea08 megnmarc bbysatan1970 Bloomy70

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Game Center Names Added

abi2697 sg71085 leinadgu CanCarol123 sammiebear7
doc.hano caseysboys mzomac89 Krich1981!! gemharpwood
jennijo21 designer164 rageb121 toto8056 ipekmentesh
Divad220179 linnealuna elenikazi Skye21hata Squirrelbits
hotehote kryst1n5 izecreamxoxo tsaiyi1 Tnt4life33
blsj4 je4109 Slowkid420 Flicka79 kitty94x
Mommy1717 squirrel chase cherri.lipz Gazpacho80 Ewells5501
kueenie52568 chubbypanda_ helga1959 mdfferguson Uniquedolla
lilith36ipod TuanKhoa myvision00 HollyGall Weetsmachin
XsnakeX 4 Girlie xx Sandriza shuvo00 Valmont30
sshady83 kaos boxer rozzibr07 kellylorenzo paaulek

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Game Center Names

Swagupta Zennislev Cjr29 Bo s3ayeed travie2437
Nadija76 autumnkatz inaldilara edmondyap18 nrussell12
bsezan TweetyPieOhMy bettyboop8586 saicrom timmyp9928
EmilyyDawnn neepie57 Gothic angel angelsdiamond nikinicole88
Nayna1993 skeeter7326 Harts2 tanthomas2002 KokomoCutie
askim0308 crackosaur Clone731 scotsgal20  Ely13
cristal3493 amybabe21 vanny191 Ludd78 Swkshelly
1981hayz bambi194 Schelly43 sohee14 mee1119
VioletDragonRose stars31 25 barbaamama Noow Bellazorn

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hay Day Community Forums

Here is a link to Hay Day (Supercell) Community Forums 

Hay Day Cheats

Don't be sucked into this lie...there are no cheats or hacks!

Hay Day is unhackable

This game is on Supercells servers...there is no way that you can manipulate how many diamonds or coins you can get.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Facebook Jail

I had a Facebook page and I was adding Hay Day friends. After I had about 100 friends Facebook made me verify those (Hay Day) friends, (through photo verification), which I couldn't because I didn't know those people except through Hay Day. Because I couldn't identify those friends I was locked out of the account.

So I made another Face Book page and copied my new "friends" photos and saved them and when asked to verify their photos I was able to (I had to verify about 10 individuals, three times before I had access to my account). When I reached about 300 plus names I was warned that the people I was adding were not my "friends" and they basically said that if I kept adding names that I would be banned (facebook Jail) so I stopped adding friends.

Soon after, I was on Hay Day's Facebook page answering peoples questions about Hay Day and directing people to my blog "" for more information. I soon was banned from making any comments, chatting with Hay Day players, messaging for 30 days...they said I was spamming. Again jailed:(

Apparently you can add only friends that you "really" know.

You can have up to 500 friends through Game Center. Here is a growing LIST of Game Center names. These people are Hay Day players and want to be your friend/neighbor!!!