Fishing Boat

The fishing boat unlocks at Level 27 and costs 39,000 to repair. You must wait three days before using your boat.

Items you can make with the fish you catch:

1. Fish Pie - Need 3 fish fillets, 1 egg, 2 wheat (Pie Oven)
2. Fish Burger - Need 2 fish Fillets, 2 bread, 1 chilli pepper (BBQ)
3. Fish and Chips - Need 2 fish fillets, 3 Potato (BBQ)

39,000 dollars to unlock fishing boat

You have to wait 3 days for the boat or you can speed it up with 60 diamonds

Tap on the boat and it will take you to the fishing hole

Tackle Box

Fishing Hut

My fishing Book

Tap on Angus and he will teach you how to fish

Fish I have already caught

Here are a few pictures of the layout of the pond

You can unlock the bobber circles with Land deeds, Mallets and Stakes

 - coho salmon : green/ purple lure, waterlily area

 - yellow perch: green/ gold lure, shipwreck area

 - salmon : BLUE/ purple lure, stream

 - bluegill : blue/gold lure, rocky 2

 - rainbow fish : purple/green lure, rocky fishing area (far corner left)
 Shallow water area barrel, rocky 1 (stream), rocky 2 (far corner left), deep water 1 (shipwreck),

 - bitterling : Purple lure, shipwreck area

 - golden trout : gold lure, waterfall area(bronze), hard to catch

 - shadow bass : green/purple lure

 - northern pike : green/ gold lure,

 - rainbow smelt : blue lure, waterfall area

 - spotted sunfish : purple/ green lure, waterfall

 - Sauger : purple/ blue lure, waterfall, hut

 - arctic charr : purple/ gold lure, waterlily area

 - rudd : green/ gold lure, rocky, reef, and deep water area

 - yellow bass : gold/blu lure, rocky area beside the waterfall and shallow water
 deep water,  Rocky Area 1 / where river meets lake

 - greater redhorse : gold/ purple lure, deep water spot (shipwreck place)
 deep water fishing spot (left to the shipwreck area) using gold lure
 reed fishing area (waterfall) using gold lure

 - speckled dace : Gold lure, shipwreck area  and extremely hard to catch

 - large mouth bass : green lure,  deep water

 - brook trout : green/ blue lure, rocky area( stream)

 - grass carp : green/purple lure,  waterlily spot

 - green sunfish : green/ gold lure, rocky fishing area (stream)

 - northern studfish : blue/ green lure,  deep water beside shipwreck area

 - striped bass : blue lure, waterlily, bronze

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