Where Can I get more Neighbors/Friends?


You can ask your Facebook friends if they would like to play. Facebook and Hay Day are connected. So if you have a friend on Facebook and they join Hay Day, they immediately become your neighbor (friend). Note: Facebook frowns on adding many friends you don't "really"... know like (Hay Day players). If you add too many they will make you verify your account by asking you to match faces (your friends) with names and if you are not able to do so they will not let you access your account. "Facebook Jail"

What if my friends on Facebook don't play?   Where can I get friends?

There are thousands of players out there who desperately want to be your neighbor! You just need their Game Center Nickname.

Game Center
Game Center (Ipod, Iphone, Ipad) lets friends — and soon-to-be-friends — in on the Hay Day action. When you add or they add your Game Center Nickname, you become that persons Hay Day Neighbor and can frequent their Roadside Shop anytime, just like Neighbor Greg.

Here are a few Game Center Nicknames I came across on the Hay Day Facebook page. There are many more HERE.

alexxann312 withlovemarie Spankyrocks Subliss421 love_35
Mummyofsix bigbelly65 De1se Elena Mish Froggie72
Holly.03 invisibleY janie.91 Kathyl2010 Lollyland15
Nic1980123 pooky1708 qqqqqq78 rein817 Steve&Eve3
Normandy_Mermaid Cherrykool12  Savoy1943 Traciemae Uniqquelyme
Violetgirl25 x3loo turtleteeth1968 5erly Ye3sun

These people requested to be added to your Game Center. They want to be your Hay Day Neighbor. Also go to the "Game Center Names" Tab...where there are over 4000 Game Center names.

These neighbors will appear as friends on your friends bar (friends button in lower right hand corner of Ipad, Ipod, Iphone) If you desire to delete one of these neighbors, you will have to do it from your Game Center.

Also, Game Center only allows you to have 500 friends.

How do I add Game Center to my device?

Game Center is a factory app, already installed on your device. Tap the Game Center icon on the Home screen, sign in with your Apple ID Tap Create New Account and fill in your information. 

You can create a different nickname that will be visible to friends and the gaming community.

I don't know what my Game Center Nickname is?

Tap on the Game Center App Button

Tap on the "Me" Button at the bottom of your screen and then tap the gold ribbon that says "Account: "
I don't know what my Game Center Nickname is?

Tap "View Account" and login with your Apple Password

Scroll down until you see your Nickname. 

You can also change your Nickname. Just tap on the nickname box and change your nickname. Changing your Nickname will not change anything in your account just your Nickname.

How do I add a friends Nickname to my Game Center?

Tap on the Game Center App Button

How do I add friends Nicknames to my Game Center?

Tap on the "Friends" button at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on the "Add Friends" button in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Type the Game Center Nickname on the "To" line. Write a little message if you like. Then tap the "Send" button.

Places where to find Game Center Nicknames (GC)

1. Hay Day Facebook  Just scroll down the page and look in the comments.

Tip: Some players change their farm name to their Game Center (GC) Nickname. It would read "GC (their Nickname)" To change your farm name just click on the settings button in the top left hand corner of your screen (this is on your ipod, ipad or iphone). Just tap change farm game and enter the name you desire. You can change it to whatever you want. Some players type (please water my trees, or I need help filling boat orders, etc.)

How to unfriend someone from the Game Center Application?

Tap on the Game Center App Button

Tap on the "Friends" button

Scroll up with your finger

Tap "unfriend"

How add or change a Game Center Photo

Tap on "Me" icon

Tap on the photo

Choose or take a photo

Trading Items with Neighbors

1. Please make sure you have space in your barn for the items being received.
2. Share your GC or Facebook name and what level you are.
3. Agree to the number of items being traded and the price to trade at.
4. When posting items, always be sure to uncheck the advertise button. (don't want a stranger swooping in)
5. Place 1 wheat for sale for 1 coin in the LAST open slot in your store. (this decreases the chance of someone else buy the item)
6. When the wheat is purchased, you will see the photo of the person that you are trading with.
7. Immediately put up the expansion items one at a time.

I traded with a lady this morning...she wanted Popcorn. I asked for her Game Center Nickname, she communicated that through Facebook and I added her to my Game Center friends, she accepted the friend request and she instantly became my Hay Day Friend (neighbor). Then we communicated through Facebook again. 

You just need to know the level they are on and their farm name.

She opened my Roadside Shop from the "Friends Menu Button" in lower left corner of your screen, and then I created a new sale (popcorn) and then she bought them when they appeared.

She then asked if I needed anything. Yeah, "SCREWS". She said that oftentimes she does sell them and that she would contact me when she had some available. She did sell me some Duct Tape.

Trade at your own risk
Unfortunately there are dishonest farmers who will not complete the transaction or will scam you out of the promised items etc. Trading outside of the newspaper is always done at your own risk and is not supported by Supercell (Hay Day). When I "Trade" I just sell the item we agreed on for full price....and then I purchase items from them for full price and then everyone is happy.

You can advertise in the Daily Dirt (Classifieds) for free every 30 minutes. Otherwise it will cost you a diamond if you desire to advertise again before the 30 minute time limit is up. 

If you haven't used the free advertisement in the last 30 minutes, the first item you place in your Roadside Shop will appear in the classifieds, unless you uncheck the "green check mark". The advertisement appears as a small newspaper attached to the item you want to advertise. 

When I am trading with someone I uncheck the "green check mark" so I will not advertise the item. 

Neighbor Greg
Everyone at least has one farm friend Greg. Greg will often sell items at a very low price. Greg comes by every so often to buy items from you. I have noticed that Greg and the Locals asking price for items are a lot lower then what you can sell them for in your Roadside Shop.

Locals are not your neighbors but do frequent your farm wanting to buy items.

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