Tools/Duct Tape

Building Supplies

When your barn is full you need Bolts, Planks, Duct Tape to increase the storage size. Storage size increases by 25 each time.

When your Silo is full you need Box of nails, Screws and Wood Panels to increase the storage size. Storage size increases by 25 each time.

Ways you can accumulate building supplies

1. Harvest multiple crops at time
2. You can pay a lot of diamonds for them
3. Collect animal products 
4. Buy the supplies from other players by shopping in the Daily Dirt

5. Loot Mystery Boxes
6. Add lots of friends to your Game Center and you can scroll through their Roadside Shops (I find lots of supplies this way)

Grow crops. LOTS of crops! Even if you don't need them (just sell them in the store, or make something out of them like bread or chicken food and sell that)... just grow them! As you harvest, you will get land deeds, nails, etc.

Expanding Your Farm
1. Land Deed
2. Mallet
3. Marker Stake

1. Axe - Cut down small trees and bushes
2. Saw - Cut down large trees and bushes
3. Dynamite - Extract ore from mine, blow up small rocks on farm
4. Shovel - Extract ore from mine, dig up swamp on farm
5. TNT Barrel -Extract ore from mine, blow up large rocks on farm

Mystery Box
You can find mystery boxes on your farm as well as your neighbors. Just tap on the box, sometimes it opens and gives you a building supply item (duct tape, plank, bolt, etc.) or money (163 coin or more depending on the level you are on), or even a voucher (At Level 21 vouchers are unlocked) other times it says it is locked and asks you to pay three diamonds. If it asks you for diamonds just close the message, unless you want to pay. 

Plank in Mystery Box

When I visit other neighbors Roadside Shops to buy, I just take a quick look around their farm. I will usually find a Mystery Box, or tree that needs watering (!), or a ship order I can help out with. That's what neighbors are for.

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